Revolutionising Client Experience: Sage's Prototype for Unified Account Management





Revolutionising Client Experience: Sage's Prototype for Unified Account Management

I felt 100% confident to demonstrate a live prototype to a large audience. It was so reassuring to present something I knew was stable and worked well for exactly what we needed it for.
- Carly Farrer, Clearleft


This project embarked on a transformative journey to encapsulate Sage's entire product lineup within a unified, single-view platform. The initiative was kickstarted by the innovative minds at Clearleft, who laid down the strategic and design foundations for a consolidated proposition view. Their vision was to enable users to effortlessly visualise and manage their business operations by accessing all Sage products from one vantage point.

Following the blueprint provided by Clearleft, our team took on the technical challenge of bringing this vision to life through a functional prototype. This prototype serves as a tangible representation of how users can interact with a holistic view of their business engagements with Sage's software solutions, all in one place.


The cornerstone of our development process was the React-based framework, Next.js. This choice was pivotal for creating a static web application that is both dynamic in functionality and efficient in performance. Next.js facilitated a seamless development experience, allowing for server-side rendering which enhanced the prototype's performance and search engine visibility.

For the aesthetic and responsive design of the prototype, we integrated Tailwind CSS. This utility-first CSS framework empowered us to rapidly style the application without sacrificing customisation or battling against cumbersome predefined components.

Content management and state preservation posed unique challenges, given the dynamic nature of the data and the necessity for a persistent user experience across sessions. To address these, we structured the prototype's content within a JSON array. This approach not only streamlined the management of product information but also facilitated easy updates and scalability. To maintain the application's state — including user preferences and interactions — across page refreshes, we leveraged the capabilities of local storage.

This strategy eliminated the need for a backend database, simplifying the architecture while ensuring data persistence.


The prototype has ignited considerable enthusiasm within Sage, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards offering a more integrated and user-centric product experience. The positive reception has paved the way for strategic discussions on immediate implementations and the integration of this single-view approach into Sage's long-term product strategy roadmap.

The project stands as a testament to the potential of innovative web technologies and strategic design thinking in revolutionising how businesses interact with software ecosystems, promising a future where managing business operations is more intuitive and efficient than ever before.