Sage single proposition view research and prototyping





Prototyping a single proposition view showing all of Sage's products in one place.

I felt 100% confident to demonstrate a live prototype to a large audience. It was so reassuring to present something I knew was stable and worked well for exactly what we needed it for.
- Carly Farrer, Clearleft


After the clever folk at Clearleft strategised and designed how a Sage single proposition view may look and function, we built a functional prototype showcasing how all Sage products could be pulled into a single view for a user to see all of their businesses and products at a glance.


We used the React framework Next.js to build out and generate a static web app for the prototype. Integrating with Tailwind for the styling. For the content we used a JSON array, with local storage to maintain the app's state on page refresh, without needing a database.


Our work has generated much excitement at Sage and they are planning what can immediately be implemented, and what may take some time and become part of their single proposition roadmap.