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Building rapid digital prototypes

Spin Up provides startups, agencies, and corporates with the technical help they need to bring their products and tools to life

We combine our 15+ years experience with a continually evolving starter kit code library, to build high fidelity prototypes at speed.

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Who we help

  • product startups to build high fidelity technical prototypes, giving their product the best chance of success.
  • media and marketing agencies to build internal efficiency products and tools.
  • strategy and innovation agencies to show their corporate clients what is possible at pace with technology.
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Rapid Response Service

If time is of the essence, Spin Up offer a Rapid Response Service. A dedicated two person team will build a prototype of your product or tool in 5 days for £5k.

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Who the team have worked with

  • International Olympics Committee logo
  • adidas logo
  • Lego logo
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art logo
  • Picturehouse cinemas logo
  • Bacardi logo
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Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss our offering, then we'd love to help bring your product idea to life!

Feel free to drop us an email at:

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