Implementing a Rebrand on the StoryStream Website



Rebranding Implementation on the StoryStream Website

The Spin Up team were a crucial part of our rebrand process. Not only did they help bring our vision to life, they proactively guided us toward the most practical – and future-proofed – implementation. Spin Up consistently go the extra mile, delivering a website that we're immensely proud of (and we hope they are too!).
- Matthew Sykes (Head of Marketing at


When StoryStream embarked on a journey to revamp their brand, they sought the expertise of SpinUp to seamlessly integrate this new identity into their existing marketing website.

The core objective was to infuse the site with the fresh branding elements without disrupting the familiar authoring experience that StoryStream's team had grown accustomed to.

Moreover, SpinUp was tasked with ensuring that the website's infrastructure was not only compatible with the new brand aesthetic but also primed for future scalability and updates.


The foundation of this project was StoryStream's pre-existing WordPress platform, which was leveraged to introduce the rebranding elements efficiently. The customisation and enhancement of the page builder involved introducing new components, a process that was meticulously managed through PHP programming. This ensured that any new or revised component could seamlessly integrate with the site's structure, maintaining consistency in colours, spacing, and overall design ethos.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) played a pivotal role in elevating the WordPress authoring experience. By incorporating conditional fields within each component, we were able to offer a more intuitive and flexible page-building experience. This approach not only streamlined the content management process but also empowered the StoryStream team to create more dynamic and engaging web pages tailored to their new branding requirements.


The collaboration between SpinUp and StoryStream yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing the website's performance and user engagement metrics. Here are some key outcomes observed in the first two months following the project's completion:

  • Organic Search Traffic: There was an impressive 80% year-on-year increase in organic search traffic, indicating improved visibility and SEO effectiveness.
  • Lead Generation: The number of leads sourced through the website saw a dramatic increase of 120%, showcasing the site's enhanced capability to convert visitors into potential clients.
  • Bounce Rate: The bounce rate decreased by 38%, suggesting that visitors found the revamped website more engaging and were more inclined to explore its content further.
  • Session Duration: There was a 26% increase in session duration, indicating that users spent more time on the site, engaging with the content and exploring the brand's offerings.

These outcomes underscore the success of the rebranding implementation, reflecting not only on the aesthetic transformation but also on the strategic improvements made to the website's structure and user experience. Through this project, SpinUp has helped StoryStream set a solid foundation for their brand's digital presence, poised for growth and further evolution in the years to come.