Launching 'Total War: Warhammer III'





The project's cornerstone was the development of a marketing website for "Total War: Warhammer III," the eagerly anticipated final instalment in the Total War: Warhammer trilogy.


The challenge was to create an online presence that not only highlighted the game's expansive world and intricate mechanics but also resonated with the fanbase's high expectations. The game, known for its strategic depth and rich narrative drawn from the Warhammer fantasy universe, required a website that could mirror these elements in a user-friendly and engaging manner.


To achieve our goals, we leveraged the React-based framework, Gatsby. This choice allowed us to construct a high-performance, static website capable of delivering content swiftly and efficiently to users worldwide. Gatsby's pre-rendering features were instrumental in optimising the site for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility.

For the visual and thematic styling, we integrated Tailwind CSS into our development process. This utility-first framework enabled our team to craft a bespoke, responsive design that adapts seamlessly across devices while maintaining the game's aesthetic integrity.

Content management presented its own set of challenges, solved by implementing MDX. This hybrid format combines Markdown's simplicity with the power of React components, allowing for a flexible content structure that could easily incorporate interactive elements and custom layouts. MDX proved invaluable in presenting detailed game information, updates, and media in an engaging and accessible manner.


The project's success was multi-fold, marked by a significant achievement: the game's pre-order phase topped the sales charts in China for several weeks, a testament to the website's reach and effectiveness in engaging the target audience. Furthermore, this triumph contributed to Creative Assembly recording a record turnover of £1.8 billion for the year, underscoring the strategic importance of a well-executed marketing website in the game's overall success narrative.

This collaboration not only set a new standard for marketing in the gaming industry but also showcased the potential of combining cutting-edge web technologies with creative design to produce a platform that truly resonates with users and drives commercial success.